College & Career Bound


The College & Career Bound Program’s (CCB) mission is to secure a plan of action for junior high and high school students to graduate and be confident of their future after high school which includes college, trade schools, the workforce, or the military throughout the Carpinteria, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Barbara Downtown, and Santa Barbara Westside Clubs. 


Our vision is that CCB’s members will learn about their options by becoming acquainted with college and the process of applying, exploring careers, and trade/charter schools. In addition, members will grow their intrapersonal skills, improve emotional intelligence, and secure life-long skills.



The College & Career Bound Program values:
•  Constructing creative and critical learning spaces.
•  The advancement of historically underrepresented communities.
•  Community and relationship-based work.
•  Systemic change.

What our members are saying:

This program helps me focus on my future. It allows me to explore what colleges and programs I want to get into.

The College & Career Bound Program is really important for the people that want to do something after high school. For me, it's really important because they're helping me to achieve my dream and I'm really grateful that this program is giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.

College & Career Bound for me, means my future. It helps me figure out my personal goals.

For more information on the College & Career Bound Program, please contact [email protected]