What We Believe In

Providing Safe, Inclusive, and Positive Environments

The #1 priority of UBGC is safety. To us this means safety from bullying and physical harm but also safety to speak up, hold different beliefs, and be creative without judgment. Regardless of what is happening at home, school, or in the outside world, the Clubs should be an open-minded and welcoming sanctuary for everyone.

Making the Club Fun

Every program is meant to be age-appropriate, voluntary, and enjoyable. One of our primary goals is to make learning fun so that kids will go from seeing it as a chore to viewing it as enjoyable and beneficial. Members should not want to leave when they get picked up (even if their parents are slightly annoyed).

Creating Supportive Relationships

When we ask former Club kids what they remember most about the Boys & Girls Club, they usually mention at least one adult mentor or coach who helped them or even changed their life. These spontaneous bonds of trust and friendship are vital, giving kids the support they need to stay motivated and pursue their dreams.

Providing Opportunities & Setting High Expectations

To match the wide variety of human knowledge and opportunities out there in the world, UBGC offers a broad range of learning and growth opportunities. We also try to teach ethics and develop moral character through our programs, with staff setting high expectations for behavior and character.

Recognizing Achievements

Boys & Girls Clubs should recognize the achievements of members and instill a drive to better themselves and others. Even what may seem like small achievements can add up to long-term success with the right motivation and support from others. Through athletics, incentivized learning activities, Youth of the Year, and program activities, Boys & Girls Clubs showcase and reward achievements.